Video Story Assignment

The reason I picked to do a story on a vocational rehab counselor is because I think what they do is pretty intriguing and I thought it would be fun to document someone who does this job. I wanted to capture someone who was real and would be transparent with me about what the job really entails. This would include the highs of the job, lows and the best and worst parts about the job. Some of the complications I encountered while reporting this story were trying to capture all the right shots that could go along with what she said to make a good and compelling video. Some of the people Marlye meets with I was not allowed to film because of privacy laws in place that prevent that. I finally was able to find out a way to legally record her using sign language with someone. Those were some of the biggest challenges while working on this story but by giving myself ample time to do the reporting I was able to work around these challenges. In my next video project I would be sure to continue to polish up on filming tips and continue to work on things I can improve on. Something I would do differently on my next video project would be to try and get as good as some of the people who are professionals at filming things like this. Their work is fascinating to watch and I think if I keep working at it and have the right equipment I will be able to succeed.

Here are two links to videos depicting people doing what they love for their jobs. I thought these videos were done very well.



Run scoring woes continue as Auburn loses chance to clinch sec series win

The inability to score runs continues for the Auburn Baseball team as Auburn lost 2 of 3 games last weekend at home to the University of South Carolina. Auburn and South Carolina were forced to play a double header on Saturday as the Friday night game was cancelled due to rain. Auburn managed to win the first game of the series 4-2 just like it did the weekend before against Alabama but then problems and missed chances arose for games 2 and 3.

In game 2 Auburn was up 2-1 heading to the bottom of the 8th inning. Auburn had loaded the bases with no outs and had the perfect opportunity to get some insurance runs and secure a series victory heading into Sunday. What happened instead was the next two batters Ryan Tella and Dan Glevenyak both struck out and then Daniel Robert lined out to end the inning. It was a costly inning that helped fuel South Carolina’s comeback in the 9th. Auburn’s bullpen was unable to stop South Carolina as they scored two runs in the 9th and got the win 3-2. Auburn head coach Sunny Golloway reiterated the missed chances in the 8th inning of game 2 for Auburn.

“We should have squeezed in the eighth,” Golloway said. Should have a couple of times. We had a 3-2 count and swing at ball four almost over our head. The other one was probably a ball, too. Either way, we had an opportunity to put the ball in play on the first two strikes and didn’t do it. Then we go to a freshman and he scorches one. If either of the first two had done that, we’d have been in good shape.”

The next day Auburn would lose 4-3 and South Carolina would win the series. It had the chance to be a series that would turn Auburn’s misfortunes around but instead went the other way. Auburn’s record now stands at 22-19 and 7-11 in the conference. The chances to make a run at Omaha are now all but over for Auburn barring a miraculous run in the post season.

Google Map about five places. Top five ballparks in the State of Alabama

Do you love baseball? Do you live in Alabama? Well here is a map of the top five baseball parks you should visit in Alabama. They vary in size and location but each park provides something unique to fans who visit. I compiled this list based on parks around the state that range from college baseball and on up to double AA semi-pro baseball since Alabama does not have a major league baseball team. The information included on the map has the parks addresses, websites, phone numbers and interesting facts and statistics about each park. Here are some links to each of the ballparks websites: 








Fun with Fusion Tables

Fun with Fusion Tables

This link is a class exercise used to show sales tax data throughout the United States. The information differs from state to state and fusion maps are a great tool to show information that is visually appealing. Many people do not know or understand how to create one of these fusion maps, but it’s actually quite an easy process. If you have a google account and excel spreadsheet data then you’re set. The following link has more information regarding the maps. Below is an example of the map I made.


Auburn baseball has found itself in a tail spin. Have lost 3 consecutive SEC series

Auburn Baseball has found itself in a hole after another SEC series was dropped against arch-rival Alabama. Auburn now sits at an overall record of 21-17 and 6-9 in SEC play. That is currently good for last place in the SEC Western Division. Alabama is currently first in the SEC West but Auburn did show signs of fight in the series. Auburn took the opening game of the series winning 2-1 as pitchers Dillon Ortman and Keegan Thompson were brilliant in holding the Tide offense in check all night. After Friday, the Tigers dropped the Saturday game 4-1 which would ultimately decide the series winner on Sunday. Auburn would go on to lose Sunday in heart breaking fashion as Alabama won on a walk-off base hit with two outs in the ninth.

Where Auburn has really struggled this year is not being able to score runs once players have reached base. Auburn is ranked third in the SEC in batting average (.288) but is ranked 12th in the SEC in runs scored (166). This ability to get runners on base with ease and then not score them is what’s most frustrating about the losses. If Auburn could turn the runs scored stat around, this team could easily be sitting atop the SEC West standings. 

Head Coach Sunny Golloway has tried mixing up different line ups to jump start the Tigers offense and to try and minimize defensive mistakes but it hasn’t been easy. On the series loss to Alabama Golloway tried to put things into perspective. 

“Tough, emotional loss, no doubt about it,” Golloway said. “But our guys played really hard. We started seven freshmen today, and our freshmen played really well and swung the bat really well. The series could have gone either way with a base hit here or there, we all saw that. They have a veteran club, we have a young club, and we’re going to continue to develop our freshmen and build our club.”

Auburn will be back home this weekend to take on nationally ranked South Carolina in a three game series. This weekend will be filled with events going on around campus as Auburn’s annual football A-Day game will be held on Saturday as well. 


vocational counselor for the deaf and hard of hearing Marlye Armstrong demonstrates a few phrases in sign language

This video depicts a few different key phrases in American Sign Language (ASL) and how the deaf and hard of hearing are able to communicate. Marlye Armstrong, who works for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services shows basic ASL skills. Some of the challenges of this video were to be able to figure out how far to zoom in and out to get the right shots.


Auburn Loses to Ole Miss on a Walk-off Intentional Walk

Crazy video of Auburn losing in the bottom of the 13th while trying to intentionally walk an Ole Miss player. Normally the pitch is suppose to be well off the plate but instead it was hung over the plate and Austin Anderson of Ole Miss took advantage and won the game for Ole Miss. The season just keeps getting weirder for Auburn. Auburn would go on to lose the next two games in the series and be swept by the Rebels.

Video Story Critique The first video story I watched and am going to critique comes from McKenna Ewen’s blog on the 2013 Minnesota Twins as they begin spring training. 

The hook: The hook to this video used various sights and sounds to keep the person interested in watching the video. There were the sounds of cleats and baseball’s hitting gloves as well as a raking the dirt in the infield. About 20 seconds in you hear the voice of a Twins player and why he loves spring training and baseball.

The hero: the videographer made you want to care about the Minnesota Twins by interviewing players and using great natural sounds. What the players said in the interview made you want to care about the Twins organization.

The story arc: The quest was to follow the Minnesota twins players and coaches as they geared up for another season by starting spring training. The images and sounds used made the viewer feel like they were there and part of the team.

The ending: The video ended by a player talking about how lucky he is to be able to play baseball for a living. It shows him signing an autograph for a little kid and then at the very end a coach throws a bag by the camera the end the video. This next video comes from McKenna Ewen’s blog as well. It is titled Quamba’s townball tradition.

The hook: The video starts with people yelling and the sound of a hit off the bat. There is a little kid in the stands and then it shows an image of a town sign with Quamba and population of 98. The different sounds and images used is what made it so effective.

The hero: The hero in the video was the head coach of Quamba’s team Stan Peterson. The video shows how he resurrected baseball in the town and the video makes you grow to like him. It depicts how much he cares about his town, team and his love of baseball.

The story arc: The quest showed how Stan Peterson resurrected an amateur baseball team by restarting it in 1990 after a 24-year absence. The images and sounds used make you realize how small the town is and it keeps you interested. One portion of the video shows where Peterson got kicked out of a game and he then walked across the street where his home was and continued to yell at the umpire.

The ending: The video ends by Peterson talking about his investment to the town and the game of baseball. He said that when he’s gone more people in the town will be able to enjoy the game. The last video I will critique comes from McKenna Ewen’s blog and it is about the Minnesota Twins players. They’re asked what they would do if they did not have baseball. 

The hook: The video starts out by showing different visuals of baseball sights and sounds and some music to get the viewer interested. It was effective because the effects were a little different to open up the story.

The hero: The video makes the viewer care about the Minnesota Twins player’s because they seem down to earth in talking about what they would in their lives if they did not have baseball. 

The story arc: The conflict was to challenge the Twins players to think about what they would do if they didn’t have baseball. The variety of players and interviews made it a successful story.

The ending: To wrap things up memorably there was one last interview with a Twins player and then it ends with a photography slideshow while fading to a black screen. 

My takeaways: I think what made McKenna Ewen’s video stories so successful was the variety of images, natural sounds and the use of good hooks to pull in the viewer. When I complete my video story I will be sure and get as much natural sound and footage as possible so I can produce a good story like Ewen’s.

Auburn Baseball has won first two SEC series and is now ranked 21st in the Baseball America poll

Things are looking much brighter for the Auburn Baseball team. Since falling to Alabama in the Capital City Classic game the Tigers have posted an 11-2 record that included sweeps over non-conference opponents Mercer and Coppin State. The even bigger story is how well the Tigers have performed in the first two weekends of SEC play. Auburn opened up with Texas A&M and won two games out of three to clinch the series. The very next weekend Auburn had the tall task of traveling to Knoxville to take on the national ranked Tennessee Volunteers. Once again, Auburn rose to the occasion and won two out of three games to win the series. Auburn has won it’s first two series in SEC play and now stands atop the SEC western division standings six games into league play.

After the series win over Tennessee the Baseball America weekly poll was released and Auburn was ranked 21st in the poll. This is the first time they’ve been ranked all season. Auburn will now host Missouri in a three game series starting Thursday at Plainsman Park. Missouri is struggling right now as they have posted a 1-5 record so far in SEC play and just an 11-12 record overall. This would be the perfect opportunity for Auburn to try and get a sweep or at minimum get another SEC series win under their belt.


Capital City Baseball Classic

Capital City Baseball Classic

This slideshow captured the action of the 6th annual Capital City Classic baseball game that has been held between rivals Auburn and Alabama at Montgomery’s Riverwalk stadium. The game was originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 4th but had to be rescheduled for the next day due to rain. It was an exciting game that saw multiple lead changes but in the end Alabama got the victory 4-3. Auburn had won the previous five meetings in the classic.